Cruising South America
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Gaston Lux Personal Tours as a Human Experience

A increasing number of Cruises are visiting South America during november to march, spring and summer in that continent. South America is huge, with varied landscapes and the people is much different from one country to the next. As in most of the ports of call the ships stops a few hours, there is short time to get the best of each place.

As a alternative to traditional excursions, personal tours allows travelers to have a better understanding of the local culture, attractions and friendliness of it's people. They take in direct contact with normal people, instead to just see through window glasses of buses together with 25-40 other mates.

About Gastón Lux

As a Graduate in Business Administration, I worked for 5 years in a leading Chilean bank. After that time I traveled around Europe, Maroco, Italy, Norway, Greece, Cyprus, Israel. During this time, I developed the idea to write a guidebook of Europe for Spanish-speaking travelers. After 5 years, I self-published the first edition of Descubramos Europa, a travel guidebook of 970 pages full of practical tips. Later, under the name of Guías Lux, I published new editions, as well as others covering Spain, France, Italy, and Chile. I am currently working on new projects, that include the Internet --

When I am not traveling, I offer personalized tours to passengers of cruise ships visiting Chile. I organize bilingual personalized tours in South America. My tours offer the traveler an inside and personal view of Chile and the life it's people. There are tours for nature lovers who are stopped in port on a cruise or leave by plane the same day and those who want pre and post cruise tours. If you have any questions or are looking for more information about a particular destination of your cruise, just write or call me.

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