Cruising South America
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Shore Excursions

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Pre / Post Cruise Tours



· To be sure the success of the tour, we ask to travellers to provide information about their personal preferences. Just let me to know what would you like, perhaps National Parks, Chilean Wine, Photography.
· At the end of the tour the Guide will give you a form to fill with your opinion and suggestions to made the next tour a better one. Please give it back to the tour guide sealed inside the envelope provided.
· The information it is only used to organize better tours and it is not shared, sold or given away of any other person or company.

The Tours

· Each Tour Includes

· Reception at the airport, hotel or harbor.
· Transport from and to the harbor.
· Tours and visits according to the Itinerary.
· English speaking guide. Tips included.
· Coffee or Tea, Coca Cola (diet ?), Mineral Water (with or without gas ?).
· On-board cellular phone. Free receptions of mails to (in Valparaíso and Santiago).
· Free sending of emergency mails.
· Sometimes sandwiches, cookies and/or chilean chocolates. They are intended as an attention to you and are not mean to replace lunch.

· Lunch and Restaurants

· With the exception of "Asados" (barbecues), lunch it is not included. I think it is better to leave the freedom to choose; the guide can suggest places that suit your preferences, ie. vegetarian, seafood, diet, italian.

· Exclusive Free in All Tours

· Free 60 minutes Internet, saving the high fares on board your Cruise.
· Special Gifts.
· Free 10 minutes to USA or 3 min. to Europe for tours to/from Valparaíso.
· Free full color Travel Guide of Viña del Mar (spanish), 64 pages.
· Depending of the tour there is always a nice surprise for you.

The Vehicle and the Driver

· In case of one or two passengers I use normally a car. From 3-6 passengers I use a van with capacity for 12-14 passengers. Please let me know if you have more than two bags per person. Please check with your baggage allowance with your airline; United has restricted to one unit and in South America the rule in internal flights is a maximum of 44 pounds (20 kilograms) per passenger.
· Driver: Generally is a professional Taxi Driver with licence up to date.
· Cell Phone. In Chile each vehicle have a cell phone and it is possible to receive and send e-mails on-board.

The Guide

· English speaking guide. Sometimes is a professional guide other times myself or a person to whom I know personally and long time resident in the area.

· Nor the Guide nor myself receive any comission from recommended merchants. If you think that this rule is broken, please write me to

How to Hire a Tour

· Please confirm by mail your interest specifing a tours (s) and dates.
· 15% non refundable advance via Paypal ( to
· After the confirmation of the tour I will contact you to arrange a meeting point, either at the airport, port or your hotel. In the case of ports it is neccesary to do that with anticipation.
· In case that the autorities forbid it, it will be waiting for you at the main entrance of the harbor. You will always know previously a local Telephone Number to reach the guide in case you need it.


· 15% non refundable advance via Paypal ( in favor of Paypal accepts all mayor credit cards.
· 85% is payed in US dollars on the spot, at the beginning of the tour. I am not able to receive credit cards. There are plenty of ATM that accepts Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Visa, Maestro, Cirrus, Plus. You can change your travelers check at the nearest Casa de Cambio, normally it cost app. $1 comission. In Chile are not accepted personal checks.
· Pre and Post Cruise Tours like Galapagos or Machu Pichu requires previous payment. Please e-mail me first.


· Shore Excursions Gastón Lux

· 14 days or more in advance full reimboursement of money. 14 days or less, you have to pay 35% of the total cost. If the cancelations are due to the cancelation of your Cruise reimboursement is 100% of payed. In all cases it will be discounted the small cost of transaction applied to me by

· Other Tours (Galapagos, Machu Pichu, Robinson Crusoe)

· Accordingly to the cancelations policy of each company.

Contact Information Gastón Lux Tours as a Human Experience

· If you have any questions or need any assistance concerning your cruise in South America, do not hesitate to contact me:

Gastón Lux
Casilla 1300
Viña del Mar
Phones: (56-9) 212-1742 (mobile phone)
(56-32) 497.908