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Yahoo Abuse

How do I report unsolicited mail ?

If you've been "spammed" by someone you don't know, don't reply to the sender or follow any removal instructions that might be included. Instead, complain to the sender's ISP. Before it ever reaches your Inbox, each piece of email must be sent from a server. Most server administrators are responsible and don't want their machines used for spamming. ISPs typically have policies prohibiting spamming through their accounts. Once they are notified that a user has been abusing their account, many ISPs will shut down the offender.

How do you find out whom to contact ?

Look at the domain. This is the part after the "@" sign in an email address or the last part of the server name in a URL. For example, the URL of has a domain of "" Once you know the domain (for example, "anydomain"), email the entire message (including full headers) to Explain your situation. The ISP may have further requirements, but this is the person or group you need to contact. If the spam or abusive email is being sent from a Yahoo! Mail account, please forward an unedited copy of the following information to for us to evaluate and take appropriate action per our Terms of Service. Make sure to include: * the original subject line * complete headers Email programs often display abbreviated headers. Learn more about headers. * the complete message body If reports are missing any one of these items, it may take longer for the Yahoo! Mail Abuse Team to properly investigate and take appropriate action.

Please note: Yahoo! does not send unsolicited email messages, nor do we sell or rent personally identifiable information to anyone. Yahoo! will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information except as described in our Privacy Policy, when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or to protect the rights or property of Yahoo!.

Hotmail Abuse FAQ

How can MSN Hotmail help me fight spammers?

MSN Hotmail does not condone or support the sending of junk e-mail (aka "Spam") through our system. The MSN Hotmail Terms of Use (TOU) strictly forbids sending unsolicited e-mail and we terminate all reported accounts that are in violation of the TOU.

How to protect yourself from Spam ?

Use MSN Hotmail's New Junk Mail Filter: When turned on, the Junk Mail Filter examines incoming messages and filters mail it has identified as "junk" to your Junk Mail Folder. You can then choose your own level of protection: Off, Low, High, or Exclusive; each with varying degrees of protection. Once mail is sent to your Junk Mail Folder, messages are automatically deleted after the specified number of days, or if you use MSN Hotmail's new Junk Mail Deletion Options, you can choose to have them deleted as soon as they arrive to the Junk Mail folder. Once you've signed into your account, go to MSN Hotmail Options, open MSN Hotmail's new Junk Mail Filter, and choose your Deletion Options today!

Report Spam coming from a MSN account: Follow these easy steps:

1. Change your Mail Display Settings to include Full Headers. To display full message headers, go to MSN Hotmail Options, and then click Mail Display Settings under Additional Options. Under Message Headers, set it to Full. Click OK.

2. Forward a complete copy of the message, including the full message headers to Report Spam coming from a non-MSN Hotmail account: Follow these easy steps to change your Mail Display Settings to include Full Headers: 1. To display full message headers, click Options, and then click Mail Display Settings under Additional Options. Under Message Headers, set it to Full. Click OK. 2. In the header, look at the last "Received:" notation to locate what .com domain it came from. It will look something like

3. Forward a complete copy of the message, including the full message header to If they do not have an abuse service, forward your complaint to

AOL Abuse

In order for the Community Action Team to take action against a member who violates the Terms of Service (TOS), we must have complete and accurate documentation.

AOL has created Keyword: Notify AOL where you will find detailed instructions on how to report TOS violations including Instant Messages, message boards, web pages, screen names and profiles.

To report a chat room violation, simply click on the "Notify AOL" button on the chat room screen. Newsgroup violations may be reported to the screen name TOSUsenet. To report an email violation using the 7.0 version of AOL, highlight the email subject line in your email box and click on the Notify AOL" button at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to open the email in order to forward it. To report email violations using other versions of AOL, please review the information at Keyword: Notify AOL.

To empower our members, AOL has developed the following privacy features which can be used to enhance your online experience. Ignore chat - ignore chat from another member in a chat room by double clicking on the screen name in the room list, then clicking "Ignore." Turn off Instant Messages - turn off your Instant Messages by sending an IM to the "screen name" $im_off. You will need to type some text (at least one letter) in the body of the IM and click the "send" button. They will stay off until you reactivate them by sending an IM to $im_on or until you sign off.

To block specific members from sending you IMs, please go to Keyword: Buddy, click on "Privacy Preferences," and customize your IM choices using the options listed. Block yourself from Buddy Lists - to block yourself from other people's Buddy Lists, go to Keyword: Buddy, then click on "Preferences." Block unwanted e-mail - if you wish to block e-mail from a particular member, you can do so by signing on with the master screen name, then going to Keyword: Mail Controls.

If you are being physically threatened or harassed offline, such as via the telephone, postal service, or in person, you should notify your local police department. If you have any comments or questions please send e-mail to TOSGeneral.

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