Cruising South America
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Pre / Post Cruise Tours


You will come to Puerto Montt navigating the fiords and see the Volcano Osorno and other snowcaped summits. Natural beauty, gastronomy and friendlyness are the main attractions of this area.

If you have the opportunity to be back in Chile, you must visit the island of Chiloé, where yo can get mussels in the beaches and is not unusual to see 4 simultaneos rainwbows. In 4 years Chiloé will be connected with a bridge to the continent.

01-CH-17 Excursion with Photographer National Geographic                        9 hours
A go-as-you please visit with one of the best chilean photographers

Ricardo Carrasco Stuparich is a prestigious chilean photographer who made assignments for National Geographic Magazine, New York Times and many other international publications.

During summertime he also does highly recommended photographic tours; the app. cost is $480-520 full day.

Please contact Ricardo directly at or visit his web site

01-CH-18 Lake Llanquihue, Puyehue and Lake Todos los Santos                   9 hours
Lakes, Volcanoes, Cascades, Trees thousands years old, crystal lakes

Visiting most of the route that indians used to cross to Argentina via the impressive waterfalls of Puyehue and turquoise waters of Lake Todos los Santos, with the background of Volvano Osorno.

The handicraft market of Angelmó is the biggest of Chile. Near are the marisquerías, with the best seafood in the south; salmon is a must.

08.00 AM City Tour Puerto Montt. Lake Llanquihue. Frutillar.

12.00 AM Puerto Varas. Petrohué Falls.

2-3.00 PM Lunch time (no included). I suggest Angelmó (Puerto Montt), with some of the best seafood in Chile.

5 PM Back at your Cruise. End of the services.

6 PM Expected sailing time.

· Rates Tour 9 hours (per person)

1 person   $130
2 persons $  65
3 persons $  70
4 persons $  60
persons $  60
6 persons $  60

· Include

· 60 minutes Internet
· Surprises

· Note

· Take waterproof clothes in case of raining and you want to walk outside.