Cruising South America
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Pre / Post Cruise Tours


01-CH-14 Los Andes Mountains, Wineries, Coast, Valparaiso              13 hours
01-CH-15 Transfers, Full Tour Chilean Heartland, Wineries, Valparaíso 17 hrs

01-CH-16 Los Andes Mountains, Ocoa, Winery, Portillo, Hot Springs  12 hours

The energetic capital of Chile is located at the base of the impressive Andes Mountains. This huge city of 5.5 millions inhab. is the cultural, economical and political center of Chile.

A must is Museo de Arte Precolombino, one of the best in South America. During the dry summer, the weather is hot (much less than Buenos Aires), but temperatures drops during the night.

At 3 hours from Santiago is possible to reach the ski centers, the border with Argentina or the beautiful coast of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Santiago offers a lot, but if you like a relaxed style of life and friendlier weather go to the coast of Valparaíso, were I live.

01-CH-14 Los Andes Mountains, Wineries, Coast, Valparaiso            13 hours
Intensive tour that shows you the best of mountains, countryside and seaside Chile

07.30 AM Hotel in Santiago. We leave Santiago taking the Panamerican Highway, we travel to the slopes of the Andes making stops on route, as you wish, to take photographs of the impressive Los Andes Mountains.

10.30 AM Arrive to Portillo, with the marvelous lagoon Laguna del Inca. Located 4 miles from the border of Argentina at an altitude of 9.468 ft, Portillo is used for training by US Olympic ski team. After one hour we begin the descent towards the valley of Aconcagua, where most of table grapes are exported to Europe and the US.

12.30-1.30PM Time for lunch in a place that you choose; not included in the quotation, app. $5-10 per person. I can suggest places accordingly to your personal preferences.

1.30 PM Artisanal Winery in Panquehue or visit to Palmar de Ocoa. Visit to a artisanal winery that still use old methods. Palmar de Ocoa is a nature reserve with a valley where you can see thousands of Chilean palm treesthe most southern forest of this type, where it is possible to rent horses. We continue on to the Coast of the Pacific Ocean in Concón.

3.30 PM Concón, Reñaca, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. This area is the second most populated area of Chile. We will follow the coastal route, stopping (if you wish) in fishing coves, bird and sea wolf reserves until we arrive to Viña del Mar. In that city we will see an original Moai from Easter Island and continue to Valparaíso, the city and port from where you begin your cruise the following day.

6.30 PM Trip back to Santiago (Route 68). We will stop in route to relax and walk in Curacaví, a typical place in the Chilean countryside that offers warm bread baked in artisanal oven.

8.30-9.00 PM Hotel in Santiago.

· Rates Tour 13 hours

1 person   $160
2 persons $  80
3 persons $  70
4 persons $  65
persons $  65
6 persons $  65

01-CH-15 Transfers, Full Tour Chilean Heartland, Wineries, Valparaíso  17 hrs
One and a half days dedicated to the prestigious Chilean wine plus Valparaíso

There is four main areas producing wine in Chile and three of them are at 2 hours drive from Santiago. The nearest and best is Maipo Valley, in the south; while Aconcagua Valley is in the north and Casablanca Valley west, in the main highway to Santiago. Maipo is the most traditional, as is Aconcagua (with artisanal wineries), while Casablanca is the most recent.

If you arrive to Santiago and your Cruise leaves from Valparaíso the next day, the best is to visit Maipo and the leave for another day the Valley of Casablanca or Los Andes; with the second one is possible to reach the high summits of Cordillera de los Andes. Just write me and we will program the best wine tour for your personal preferences.

Day 1

10.00 AM Airport Santiago. Transfer to your hotel.

12.00 AM Santiago Introductory City Tour.

1 PM Lunch (not included).

2 PM Viña Undurraga.

4 PM Viña Concha y Toro. Cajón del Maipo.

7-8 PM City Tour Santiago.

Day 2

Wineries and Transfer to Valparaíso

09.00 Transfer from your Hotel. Stop in typical town Curacavi; chocolate factory.

10.30 AM Casablanca Valley. Wineries Seagram Cuvee Mumm and Veramonte.

1.00 PM Valparaíso, Viña del Mar. Moai of Easter Island. Your free phone calls to the US. Internet.

2.00 PM Lunch (not included). Continue City Tour.

3.30 PM Presentation for your cruise. End of the services.

5 PM Expected sailing time.

· Rates Tour 2 days (per person)

1 person   $250
2 persons $125
3 persons $125
4 persons $125
persons $125
6 persons $125

· Notes

· Some wineries close saturdays and/or sundays during summer. Please ask me first.

· Include

· Entrance tickets and degustations
· 60 minutes free Internet
· Free 10 minutes phone calls to the US or Canada.

01-CH-16 Los Andes Mountains, Ocoa, Winery, Portillo, Hot Springs  12 hours
Tour that shows you the best of Chilean mountains, countryside and hot springs

08.00 AM Hotel in Santiago.

09.00-10.30 AM Forest Palmar de Ocoa.

11.00-11.30 AM Visit to Winery in Panquehue.

12.30 PM Portillo.

1.30 PM Time for Lunch (included) in Hot Springs Termas del Corazón. Alternative visit Argentina.

2.30 PM Relaxing afternoon in the Hot Springs.

8.30 PM Back in your Hotel.

· Rates Tour 12 hours (per person)

1 person   $160
2 persons $  90
3 persons $  80
4 persons $  80
persons $  80
6 persons $  80

· Include

· Tour and personal guide
· Special gifts

· Notes

· Normally there is no problems with the altitude (puna).

· Take with you a jockey and sun glasses.

· For $20 extra per group, and depending of the delays in the border, perhaps is possible to cross to Puente del Inca (Argentina), at 20 minutes from Portillo.