Cruising South America
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Pre / Post Cruise Tours


01-EC-01 Guayaquil City Tour                                                                12 hours
01-EC-02 Ecuador in a Nutshell                                                              12 hours
01-EC-03 The Countryside, Marvelous Plantations and Mountains      10 hours
01-EC-04 Train Alausí Riobamba - Alusí                                     3 days 2 nights

Is the modern and dinamic economic motor of Ecuador. The city is changing quickly and now has a very nice riverside, known as Malecón.

Near Guayaquil there are extensive plantations of bananos (the biggest in the world), sugar cane, cocoa, coffee. They are seen while driving to the impressive mountains, located at 2 hours from downtown.

Frequent flights connects with the colonial capital city of Quito. As the flight takes 35-45 minutes, is possible to return the same day in time to follow with your cruise.

If you believe to the recommendation of the British Government of not travel to Ecuador perhaps you will change opinion seeing hundreds of foreigners traveling safe, like those on the left.

Your Personal Guide to Ecuador is Mariella, a young journalist living in Guayaquil who works for the most prestigious professional travel publication of Ecuador.

01-EC-01 Guayaquil City Tour                                                                 12 hours
The vibrant Guayaquil, with its proud inhabitans

07.00 AM From the Harbor you will travel to downtown and have a walk in Parque de las Iguanas and Malecón. Later we will visit the artist's neighbourhood of Las Peñas, Cemetery and the old buildings at the Historical Park of Guayaquil. There is so much to see, you will be surprised by Guayaquil. If you like we can also have a trip in a small boat along the river Guayas.

2.30 PM Visit to surroundings of Guayaquil. Natural reserves, beaches.

5 PM Back to your cruise. End of the services.

· Rates Tour 12 hours (per person)

1 person   $140
2 persons $  80
3 persons $  70
4 persons $  65
persons $  60
6 persons $  55

01-EC-02 Ecuador in a Nutshell                                                              12 hours
Guayaquil, Quito, Volcanoes, Middle of the World

06.00 AM From the port of Guayaquil via the riverside Malecon to the airport.

07.45-08.30 AM Flight to Quito.

09.30 AM City Tour Colonial Quito (World Heritage City), visit the Middle of the World. Volcano.

4 PM Flight to Guayaquil.

4.45 PM From the airport via the new business and hotel area, US consulate, Parque de las Iguanas (5 min. stop), Handicraft center to the port.

5 PM Back to your cruise. End of the services.

· Rates Tour 12 hours (per person)

1 person   $330
2 persons $295
3 persons $285
4 persons $285
persons $275
6 persons $265

01-EC-03 The Countryside, Marvelous Plantations and Mountains      10 hours
From the coast of Guayaquil via plantations (banano, coffee, sugar cane, cocoa) to the canyons and mountains

07.00 AM From the harbor we will have a short introductory tour of downtown Guayaquil via Parque de las Iguanas, the riverside Malecon, US Consulate, Cemetery. Leaving Guayaquil by the bridge of river Guayas, we will drive crossing fields of banano, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, also looking at the normal way of living in the ecuadorian countryside. In the route we can stop to taste the seasonal fruits that farmers sells.

10.30 AM Slowly the flat landscape change to a tropical rain forests and later climb impressive mountains with waterfalls and exhuberant vegetation.

12.30-1.30 PM Lunch (not included) near Pallatanga.

3.30 PM Back in Guayaquil via the new neigbourhoods, shopping center.

5.00 PM Back at your cruise. End of the services.

6.00 PM Expected sailing time.

· Include

· Typical ecuadorian food like fried green banano (guineo) and sugar cane

· If you prefer we can take, for free, hamburger from MacDonalds.

· Rates Tour 10 hours (per person)

1 person   $160
2 persons $  80
3 persons $  70
4 persons $  65
persons $  60
6 persons $  55

01-EC-04 Train Alausí Riobamba - Alausí                                     3 days 2 nights
The "most dangerous" train in the world by the Devil's Nose

This is one of the most famous train rides in the world and not so far to be suspended. Many foreigners travel on top of the wagons, and others like you, together with other pasengers inside. I already did on top and is a unique human festive spectacle.

Together with your guide you will travel in long distance ecuadorian buses, like ecuadorians do.

Day 1

2 PM Ecuadorian public long distance bus from Quito (6 hours) or Guayaquil (5 hours) to the very nice city of Riobamba, at the foot of Chimborazo; from Quito visit to Baños. Lodging in Riobamba.

Day 2

6.00 AM At the train station in Riobamba

7.00 AM Train leaves to Alausi

12.30 PM Devil's Nose trip (Alausi - Huigra - Alausi). The mountains are so steep that the locomotive needs to advance and return back.

4.00 PM Train back to Alausi

4.30 PM Trip by bus to Riobamba or Cuenca; if you wish we can be back in the same train to Riobamba. You can also sleep at the friendly Alusi, but there is not much good quality lodging available.

Lodging in Riobamba or the World Heritage City of Cuenca.

Day 3

2 PM Bus from Cuenca to Guayaquil or Riobamba to Guayaquil or Quito.

· Rates for 3 days 2 nights (per person)

1 person   $360
2 persons $280
3 persons $260
4 persons $260
persons $260
6 persons $260

· Include

· Your personal and permanent english speaking guide.

· Long distance buses between cities, private transport to hotels.

· Lodging in hotels: 4 nights.

· Sandwiches and sofdrinks on board the train and buses.

· Hints

· The rail track (durmientes) it is not in good condition and, therefore, this route is risky. But it is so interesting that the train travel full of foreigners, like myself, and sometimes ecuadorian students.The riskiest and the best is the descent from Aluasi to the the Devil's Nose, sometimes in a zigzag route.

· Take with you plenty of film and warm clothes.